Uncut Hung Twink Latinos Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Fernan and Desiderio

Added: 2021-08-29

Seated in two chairs, these Latin twinks tease each other by getting naked and stroking up a boner. Then Desiderio stands in front of little Fernan and invites him to suck his dick. The oral continues until both have enjoyed a taste of the other. Next, Desiderio sits, while Fernan hops on for a raw ride. Once Fernan is ready for more, Desiderio bends him over a chair and delivers a deep bareback fucking that ends with him breeding the boy. With his ass dripping cum, Fernan kneels and sucks Desiderio’s cock dry. Then Desiderio kneels to take a mouth full of his bottom’s load, which the two share in a final kiss.