Uncut Hung Twink Latinos Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Juan Carlos and Cristobal

Added: 2020-06-02

Juan Carlos makes up a BS story about how he is going to help Latin twink Cristobal to wake up his senses to smell, taste and touch. Cristobal knows he’s getting fed a line, but doesn’t care, because he really wants to get fucked by this seasoned top. Juan blindfolds the boy and strips him naked. Then he takes a banana and rubs it around his asshole. After licking some of the fruit off the boy’s butt, he gets naked and rubs his big stiff dick on Cristobal’s ass and face. The he has the boy suck his dick, while he fingers Cristobal’s hole. Finally the moment Cristobal has been waiting for. Juan bends him over, slides his big meat in from behind, and fucks the boy silly. After enjoying that tight little ass, in several positions, Juan pulls out to watch Cristobal cum on himself.