Uncut Hung Twink Latinos Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Sebastian and Wilmer

Added: 2020-08-25

Sebastian has a huge foot fetish and he wants Latin twink Wilmer to experience his passion for feet. He pulls the boy’s socks off and starts liking Wilmer’s foot. Then Sebastian Lets the boy try sucking his toes. With both of their cocks out, the boys get a taste of each other, before Sebastian demonstrates how to give a foot job. Soon the two are giving each other a foot job, at the same time, before Sebastian toe fucks the skinny boy. Taking it to the next level, Sebastian grabs a sock and has Wilmer suck his dick, with the sock wrapped around it. To finish things off, Sebastian gets Wilmer legs in the air and fucks the cum out of him. Then he pulls out and cums on the boy’s foot.